The North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic is owned and operated by the participating shareholders below, for the benefit of the pets and pet owners of the San Francisco Peninsula. This clinic is not financially or managerially associated with any other individual animal hospital. If you need to choose a veterinarian, you may elect to see one of these doctors, or any other veterinary doctor of your choosing.

  • Dr. Linda Amezcua

  • Dr. Eric Barchas

  • Dr. Navdeep Bhakhri

  • Dr. Jennifer Bolich

  • Dr. James Bower

  • Dr. Kimberly Boyanowski

  • Dr. Lorrie Clemens

  • Dr. Chris Cowing

  • Dr. Sylvia Graham

  • Dr. Linda Hall

  • Dr. Kelly Hovde

  • Dr. Linda Janowitz

  • Dr. Michelle Kelly

  • Dr. Craig Machado

  • Dr. Frank Merrill

  • Dr. Beverly Ort

  • Dr. William Rivers

  • Dr. Elaine Salinger

  • Dr. Sam Silverman

  • Dr. Steve Sutter

  • Dr. Danielle Weber

  • Dr. Lloyd Wilson

  • Dr. Joel Wolf

If you would like to become a shareholder, please contact