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“ The place is super pricey but customer service was excellent they helped my dog in less than 24hr and get her ready to leave the next day!!”

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Susana Lizeth Zavala

These people are wonderful angels. My cat was in need of euthanasia. They took me through the options with incredible clarity. I knew what I wanted but they wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. They gave me all the time I needed and a room to sit with my cat where I had privacy (not the waiting room). Such kind, gentle people when they have so much to deal with with the other animals. They ended a life that was so traumatized and tormented. My little 16 1/2 year old cat was terminal.....she needed to pass. Thank You So Much.....!!”

Fred Hazelhope

“They always have take care of my pets needs I have only good experiences there and I've been there so many times over the years lol”

Bradxy Cheneque


“I so appreciate this place. Super friendly staff, there to help. Awesome.”

Andrea DelRio


“Very understanding to a worried pup mom. Saw me quickly and gave me sound advice on taking care of pup.”

​​​​​​​Lynn Ellison

“As always, we received quality care for our pet. The Vet we saw was patient and great at explaining the options for our pet. I feel that my pet was very well cared for during her stay!”



“This clinic employs a stellar group of people. I would say from the receptionist to the doctors they were a great bunch of people and helped us in our time of need as our 19 year old cat had come to the end. They treated us with respect and I appreciate that a lot. I can't recommend them enough.”

Benjamin R


“My thanks to everyone at the clinic for giving us the immediate and thorough attention for our Molly. The time you spent trying to analyze her situation without adding bunches and bunches of costly tests really ensured me that your 1st concern was the condition of Molly.

Also, you made it very clear that she was to be followed up with her regular vet she has had for 13 years as well as suggested quality joint food that I might consider and a sling to help her walk better.

Thank you again.”

Sandy K

“Dr. Rose and staff were amazing. They handled my pup and me with the utmost respect and I could tell that they really liked the animals and people they worked with. Dr. Rose gave me the first line and second line recomendations, which I appreciated, and proactively looped me in so that I would know how my dog was doing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs to go to an emergency clinic.”

Shawna F

“Everyone was extremely caring and helpful with my dog, and I got to witness how they worked with other dogs in much more serious situations. I would come back here for all my emergency needs”

Robert M

“Six stars and above! We have had multiple dogs there over time and always the same outcome. Excellent service by all and excellent bedside manner from Dr. Wolfe. I also know that every law enforcement agency around the area takes their K-9 partners there when there's any kind of emergency, and that alone is a reference that cannot be more highly achieved. I'm sure we will see you in the future, all though we all wish that we would not need to. GREAT JOB BY ONE AND ALL!! Its also 24 hour confidence that you folks are there when there is NO emergency happening, Just one suggestion because you are so highly regarded, Maybe send out some low cost post-cards with advisories that are happening in each time frame, for instance, this is the largest ,healthiest beginning of Rattlesnake season in quite a while. The drought snapped, vegetation grew huge and quickly,mice, rats etc. are emerging and attacking the vegetation at an advanced rate because of all conditions being in place. It would be a good reminder for pet owners to be made aware of this and also strengthen your relationship with all members of the public, also advertising the use of the Rattlesnake Injection that is now commonly requested. Just saw an article on the net regarding a Shepard that protected his owner from a rattler, and took 36 sutures to close up wounds, BUT, the Shepard will be fine. May save K-9 and human life on just ONE occasion that would make it all worth it!! I have crossed this path myself without incident because of awareness, and frankly my divine fright and hate for these slithering trouble makers. Imagine just one post card saving both human and animal life, including the snake. Just an idea, you folks are great!! Thank You So much For Doing What You Do!!!

Most Sincerely, Bmac301 & Family Pets”

Bradley M

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